Business IT Services





Small to medium business support is the core of what we do.  We provide a wide range of solutions and back these up with fast, knowledgeable support when you need it.


Dental and Medical Software

We have a significant amount of experience with some of New Zealand’s leading practice management software. We have been responsible for numerous roll-outs of Medtech (for healthcare professionals) , Exact (dental practice management) and Toniq (pharmacy dispensing). We are able to fully maintain this software.


Backup and Data Recovery

We offer off-site backup of business data. This is a seamless, automated backup service that removes the need to rely on staff to take backup data home each night. It mitigates against the risk of data loss due to fire as well as data loss caused by currently prevalent encrypting malware. In the case of a loss of premises or server equipment, we have the capability of hosting your infrastructure for you.


Cloud Solutions

We have some large deployments of Google G Suite and more recently, a growing number of Microsoft Office 365 deployments. We are a Microsoft partner and can offer a range of add-on services for our Office 365 solutions.


Wireless Solutions

We have many successful deployments of the Ubiquiti Unifi system which offers seamless Wi-Fi access across areas of all sizes. On the other hand, simpler point to point links provide a way of linking offices together where traditional cabling is not feasible. Where consumer type wireless equipment can be troublesome, business grade equipment is ultra-reliable.



We provide contracting services to some of New Zealand’s largest IT providers. We work on projects of all sizes and are proficient in the type communication and reporting required around this type of work.


Remote Support

Our remote support service enables us to securely support our customers both effectively and economically. This solution works to provide a near instant response to desktop issues as well as reduce travel costs.



We offer multi-site connectivity options which seamlessly connect different offices together. ‘Dial-in’ remote access back to the main office also offers the ability for staff to work remotely, regardless of their location.



We have access to a wide range of equipment and specialise in HP business equipment. For more cost sensitive situations we are able to source high quality, A grade ex-lease business equipment. For larger projects we can work with our partners to deliver competitive pricing. Finance options are available.



We can replace, upgrade and install server hardware and software to meet most requirements. Using virtualisation we can leverage server hardware to get more out of it. Regular monitoring and reporting at a frequency that suits the customer gives peace of mind that unexpected issues won’t arise.